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Holding You (2014)

Holding You (2014)

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Jewel E. Ann

About book Holding You (2014)

This is the first book of the 2 part of the a holding you series. I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of the stories in this book. It takes you through a rolls costed of feelings from happy to tears in a matter of minutes. It starts as any other romance story...when he meets her...and you'd say there is not much to the story left..but then...slowly events unfold out of nowhere.I appreciate the smart thoughtfulness of the author that writes in highly intellectual way on every subject she touches here.I appreciated the rhythm of the story telling as you will never get bored evading this book.And you always want more. I wanted to love this book but Addy and her secrets drove me crazy!!! I hated how she couldn't just open up and reveal her past to Quinn so that she could move on from it.. She's a 30 something year old woman, get it together! Yes, what little we know about her past is terrible but how could you possibly marry someone and not let them in on a huge part of your life (even if it was in the past)... I'm continuing the series b/c I need closure...

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really enjoyed but was very displeased that it left on a HUGE cliffhanger.

I just can't get into it.


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