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Holiday Outing (2008)

Holiday Outing (2008)

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Rating overviewWriting: ★★★(★)Story: ★★★(★)Characters: ★★Overall: ★★★ (3)~~~This was an interesting read, it features Jonah's outing as a gay man to his family over the course of the eight days of Hanukkah and him falling for Ethan who he had problems with back when they were kids. Alongside there is an interesting version of Clue going on...In general I loved the story idea and the writing but I really thought the characters were underdeveloped. It is a quick, easy-going read and enjoyable but I found myself thoroughly annoyed with Jonah's family members - I realise that this was the intention but the 180˚turn in how they interacted with Jonah made very little sense to me.Middle of the road - typical ★★★ read. Several days later, the feeling that has stayed with me from this read is happiness. Happiness that each of the MCs was strong, even if not sure of themselves, and stayed true to themselves, instead of just folding and too easily forgiving/forgetting the past. Happiness that this was a really good and inventive story. I liked the mystery and the surprising ending and scare that came with that. It was cool to learn some of the Jewish traditions, seeing as I don't know much about them at all. The secondary characters were all distinct and very memorable. I enjoyed this read immensely (and in July too!) and recommend it to anyone who likes good little gems.

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Sweet, light and funny. Astrid Amara has now become one of my favorite MM authors.

This was a fun and sweet story with a cute little mystery thrown in.

Fun holiday -- hannukah(!) -- romance!


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