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Holiday Treasure (2000)

Holiday Treasure (2000)
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Holiday Treasure (2000)
Holiday Treasure (2000)

About book: This is my second time reading this story. Now that I have read all the Anderson books it made the story even better. This was a short Christmas novella that left me wanting more I wasn't ready for the story to end. I also missed the brothers interactions interact the storyline, Tanner met his match with Kyla. Her back story was sad but it was time dofor a Christmas miracle. I love how they grew their relationship and love was unexpected. Tanner and Kyla need another book. I love tbe Andersons and Storms! George, Joseph and now Richard, are such sweethearts. All they want is for their children to be happy, fall in love and give them grandchildren. I think it is hilarious how they meddle and manipulate to make things happen. Tanner was definitely in need of a life lesson. He was spoiled and entitled, and he had no clue what life was like for those less fortunate. Someone like Kyla. She has been through a horrific tragedy, and she is just barely living. She is a sweet, giving person. Being forced to live in his rundown building and play Santa, was the perfect punishment for Tanner. There was a lot of laughs, as well as heartfelt moments when he finally started to see the light. I think these two had great chemistry and despite their differences, they were made for each other. Another wonderful addition to this series.
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I have read this book somewhere before but it's still a great story good read thx
Simple, fun holiday romance
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