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Homecoming Queen (2008)

Homecoming Queen (2008)

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0310714907 (ISBN13: 9780310714903)

About book Homecoming Queen (2008)

Homecoming Queen seems like a novel that would be about the race for homecoming queen. Fortunately there is some action and surprises that are not expected. This book might not relate as many readers, but it does keep your attention. I really enjoyed this book's unexpected turns. The title is a little misleading because the homecoming race is not the main focus of the book. I like how this book flows right from the first and second books in this series. There is no jumping around and confusion. I like how there are more surprises and you can't just guess what will happen. The only thing I did not like was how the plot line was all over the place. It did keep the story exciting though. If you like to pick up a book and not put it down, this is for you. Homecoming Queen has some very unexpected turns and keeps you on your toes. Oh finally it is homecoming for the carter house girls and there seems like there is plenty to do! Most girls are talking about the High School party`s and others are focused on grades. For D.J. nothing is going on for her. That is until she pays more attention to homecoming and her boyfriend Conner. Only D.J. has never wanted to be homecoming Queen but most of her roommates think she should... all except for Taylor that is. D.J. dosen`t really care about who is homecoming and who`s not. She just wants the madness to stop! On homecoming someone special gets crowned Queen and D.J. is in total shock! Even Taylor! Who will it be... read the third book Homecoming Queen by Melody Carlson to find out!

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Cute story for fun. Good Christian story line, no worries about filth

This series is amazing.


It was wonderful

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