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Homem De Ferro Noir (2012)

Homem de Ferro Noir (2012)

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Tony stark and Rhodes and few other people go on an adventure in British Honduras to search for a treasure,a mask of incredible power, but one of the members turns evil. They fight a little but evil wins. We see later see noir pepper pots and beloved characters.We know baron zemo is a villan, but the true antagonist will surely blow the reader's mind. We see how tony creates his suit of armor,i am still happy on how they designed the suit.The epic conclusion explores Howard stark and tony' relationship. This great comic is a master piece with few flaws. Overall this is a comic, I would recommend it to some of my friends, but only the ones that like a darker versions of the marvel heroes, which snyder has acomplished .Snyder wrtting is awsome as always. I think he is good and stay with dc. The Art work is stunnig and match the 1930's feel. I would not call it noir, eventhough snyder's writing justifies the title, but would call it pulp. I would do a ww2 were iron man and captain america battle side to side againt the nazi,i mean how awsome would it be the noir avengers facing gammaray infected hitler? I like comic books. I like Iron Man. I like noir. I like Scott Snyder’s writing. So I liked this. More creators of entertainment should make stuff based on things I like. Because then I will like them. In the 1930s wealthy Tony Stark races around the world seeking rare and weird objects of historical and scientific significance. The team that helps him includes a writer who documents Tony’s adventures in adventure magazines. However, Tony has a secret that is making him reckless, and when he finds clues about a powerful artifact located in the sunken depths of Atlantis, he rushes off to find it.Oh, and his company has been building a new personalized version of a tank for the military. That kind of comes up later.If I want to nitpick, I’d say that this is really pulp adventure, not noir. It’s got a lot more in common with Doc Savage than anything written by Raymond Chandler or James Cain. But if you’re in the mood for a story that puts that kind of twist on a modern superhero, you’d probably enjoy this. It’s quick and clever, and it’s a lot of fun watching Tony Stark act like Indiana Jones. Only it’s like Indy has an Iron Man suit instead of a bullwhip when he fights Nazis.Setting today’s superheroes in different time periods or genres has been done often enough that this isn’t groundbreaking, but it makes for an entertaining story.

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Good noir interpretation of Iron Man and various nefarious villains...

THERE WAS___ I\ I / \ I \I \___/VIOLENCE

Pretty good, but not amazing.

Steampunk Iron Man! fun!

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