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Homer's Odyssey (2009)

Homer's Odyssey (2009)

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038534385X (ISBN13: 9780385343855)
Delacorte Press

About book Homer's Odyssey (2009)

This was my "go-to" holiday gift last year for family/friends who like cats and a good story. Animal memoirs walk a fine line; often they are overly sentimental and ultimately not that interesting (yea, I know, everyone loved "Marley and Me," but I didn't think there was anything especially special about Marley's story; ditto for Dewey the library cat). Cooper succeeds intertwining the story of an amazing cat with her own story of coming of age as a young adult struggling with finances, being independent, and not knowing exactly what she wants to do. She moves to New York four days before 9-11, and her account of fleeing the city (and leaving her cats behind) is absolutely gripping. My then-12-year old son and I listened to this book together and both loved it. I really can't believe I read a cat book. But it was our monthly book club selection. I like animals, but I'm more a dog person than a car person. The only cat I ever liked was a little black creature named Lightning. And even though he wasn't blind, he's who I pictured while reading this book.Honestly, I wasn't expecting to like it. But I did. I more than liked it. This book is funny. AndThe stories are so relatable to any pet owner, but I imagine even more so for cat owners.On more than one occasion I'd stop, go back & re-read a section out loud that was too good not to share! And at one point I sat on my toilet crying. Because, hey, just cuz I had to pee didn't mean I was putting the book down! Gwen does a great job at making Homer come to life for the reader. Her stories & the great detail are beautiful!This book was the first time I've heard anyone describe first hand what it was like to be so close to Ground Zero after 9/11. I was freaking out with her. Frantic. Angry at the officials.This book is a gift. So thank you, Gwen Cooper for writing it.

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This author is hilarious. I loved reading the stories about Homer.

a wonderful story of a blind cat and his remarkable life

Absolutely loved this book. A favorite for sure!

Awesome book.

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