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Homestuck Book Two (2012)

Homestuck Book Two (2012)

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Act two was much better than act one. Since I read fast enough to get through act one, and basically understand it, (although it a little bit too obscure to understand it, or say you understand). It made act three even better. I think act three will probably make act four even better, and so on until I get to act six. The intermission get etter each time too. Right now I'm at the intermission between act one and two. ((Read Homestuck online))Homestuck is perhaps one of the most interesting, unique, and amazing webcomics.Perhaps it is the crude art style or the witty humor or the characters themselves. Honestly, teenagers should be reading this. Let's take a looksie at the four beta kids, shall we?John Egbert is your typical child prodigy...who just happens to be an idiot at times. Rose Lalonde is not your usual Goth chick. She doesn't write emo poetry, doesn't have the raven long locks that a typical goth girl would have. She is perhaps the character I can most relate to. She's intelligents, snarky, but she's not a bad person.Dave Strider, perhaps one of the most overrated characters, is really three dimensional. I think, perhaps out of all the beta kids, he grows the most throughout this series.And lovely little Jade. Though sweet and kind, she will fight for what she believes in.I think that these characters are perhaps some of the most three dimensional characters that I have read about. You care for them and I've found myself yelling at the screen. Homestuck is definitely an amazing read. Though boring at first, you will not regret reading it.-Roxie Rex

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Again, this series is getting better and better and I am tearing through it wanting to catchup!

this is going to add more to my goal awww yeahh

10/14/13 - read 90 minutes


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