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Hondo (2011)

Hondo (2011)

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(UPDATED ON MAY 9, 2014)Call me a glutton for punishment but I just went back to this one. First, though, I tracked down and read the books in the Brac Pack and Zeus Pack series that must be read before it in hopes of making the story make sense. There are about 19 or 20 that come before Demon Warriors #1; therefore I cannot honestly call this an independent series. It really will confuse the heck out of anyone coming to it without prior knowledge of the Brac-Zeus Universe. Would've been nice to have been told this first, but oh well ...I am now somewhere around page 189, according to my reader, and I am still not certain of finishing the book, let alone the entire Demon Warriors arc, no matter how important it is to the rest of the Brac Universe -- which I rather like, btw. True, I am no longer muddled up with who's who, but the writing is ... how shall I say it? Somewhat less than spectacular? Uh, no. That would imply the only things nit-pick worthy about it were the usual spelling, grammar and typos often found in the author's books -- at least the ones I've read so far. And I like this author, I really do. It's just that in this case she's surpassed what reads like bad porno-flick scenes and dialogue and gone straight to the jaw-dropping stuff. Jaw-dropping because as a writer myself, it makes me cringe. Which I am 100% certain is NOT the reaction she had in mind. No, I will not give examples. :shudder: But there are plenty to be found if you care to have a look. Shelving this title -- maybe the whole series -- as WTF, Dear Author, wtf?!******"Sexy Demon Warrior looking for his elusive One True Love". Sounds exactly the sort of book I'd happily dive into and devour in a single setting. Alas, it was not to be. The characters were so-so, the plot ... wait, what *was* that anyway? I felt like I'd been thrown into the middle of a long, established series, not starting the first page of the first chapter of the first book in a brand new one. It confused me to the point I gave up on it and admitted defeat at around 29 percent. Sorry, but it's just too much effort to track down references to characters and incidents from all the other series by the author, then try to figure out where this one fits in. Romance novels are supposed to be a pleasure, unfortunately reading this one felt like a very tedious chore, one I was all too relieved to finally quit. Wow! A cliffhanger... Didn't expect to find one in Lynn Hagen's stories. She usually ends it, but this time she chose a different option. And I like it very much ;) Although it's hard to wait till the next book comes out :(The story itself is nice. We're thrown in a new kind of demon world. The way to find a demon's mate is also quite nice ;) Story itself was OK at the beginning, but at the end there was more speed to it. She had to explain a lot in the beginning, at least that's how it occurred to me, and therefore the story was a little bit slow. At the end of the story she made more then up to it for me! Therefore 4 out of 5 stars!

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demons, this was a different style from the authors shifter books. It was good.

Not for me at this time

Originally read in 2012

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