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Hoofd In De Wolken (2012)

Hoofd in de wolken (2012)

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About book Hoofd In De Wolken (2012)

Viscount Reginald Petchey is desperate for money. He killed his own brother in England to get it, then turned his sights on the man's widow and young daughter, Isabella. A little arsenic in her tea and food soon saw the widow slowly slipping away, but she took her daughter and escaped to America. Before she reaches shore, the widow passes from this world, placing her daughter in the hands of Gideon Westcott, a nobleman she met while aboard ship.Gideon takes little Bella to his home out West, hoping to bring her the security and joy she needs to bring her out of her mute state. However, Gideon is a very busy sheep rancher. He doesn't have enough time to devote to a five year old, so he decides to acquire a governess for little Bella. The advertisement in the local paper for a governess catches the eye of lovely Adelaide Proctor, a former school teacher searching for a situation following a disastrous romantic encounter. Little Izzy takes to Adelaide right away and within a few weeks, the child is acting much more like herself. As time passes, Adelaide endeavors to help Izzy speak again, but the child remains mute. What has the little girl seen which frightens her so much? Adelaide attempts to break through the child's barriers, but it seems an almost impossible task.Suddenly, a stranger arrives in town, a gentleman bearing a striking resemblance to Reginald Petchey. By now, the viscount is determined to acquire Isabella to secure her fortune. He needs the money desperately, and if the little child just happens to suffer a fatal accident, so much the better.Gideon and Adelaide must do their best to save Izzy from her uncle before he can kill them all. Very interesting plot...not a typical one where you don't read any romance till the very end. Karen Witemeyer isn't as chaste in her writing as Tracie Peterson, which is good. With Tracie Peterson, the kid(s) arrive with no mention as to how it possible got there, like the kid fell from the sky. I know these are Christian fiction, but there's got to be a little something more, which Ms. Witemyer is good about in her writing.

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This book was really good I enjoy reading Christian historical romances they are usually pretty good

So cute and good and fun and I didn't want to escape their world!

This is an action packed, humorous and romantic read. Loved it.

Very good book! Quick read...romance and a little mystery.

3.5 stars.

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