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Hors De La Tombe (2014)

Hors de la tombe (2014)

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About book Hors De La Tombe (2014)

Well my heart is just shattered. Cat and Bones u have been a part of my life for so many years, its like saying goodbye to a dear friend. I rate this book 5 stars because thats what it deserves, after such a good run it deserves to end with a bang. However, and thats a huge however, the child!i mean cum on!!!!Cat and Bones are just so amazing, just the two of them, and in this book Cat totally forgets about Bones, i mean no sex, just once, but still, they could never get enough of each other and in this book Bones just takes a backseat. It was frustrating as hell!!!He deserved more credit than that, and he absolutely proved why he deserved it, i mean he accepts the child even though it could be that idiot's child. Damn Tate you need to get a clue, but no, i was pissed. Cat made this weird connection with Tate while Bones just had to hang around and watch and than provide his oh so cool powers when it was handy. I was PISSED OFF. I adore Bones, he deserved better!!!But all and all, a nice book!!!I will totally miss u guys.Ian i want ur book!!!! Okay so I didn't like it...I really tried to but it was impossible. I even ended up skimming trough some parts.The last book on the series wasn't my favorite so I was a little reluctant to read this one but then I started to remember how great the first books were and I decide to give it a shot and ended up really excited, so i guess i had really big expectations, huge mistake.The book lacks everything that made the first ones awsome, the plot gets dragged way too much, the characters are dull and we barely get Cat and Bones scenes together.And the motherhood plot...WTF! That was terrible, like seriously the worst plot twist ever. It was completely creppy and unnecesary. What i used to like about this saga it was that its singularity and it ended up being a rewrite of Breaking Down. Horrible!The only reason i'm giving this a 3 stars is because of Bones (one of my first book boyfriends, he will be forever in my heart) and because of Ian, he was one of the highlights of this book, he totally should get his own story,This is one of my favorites sagas and I'm so sad because it's over but I'm even sadder because I didin't liked the end.Bones and Cat will definitly be in my heart forever.

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A bit boring and predictable- id read the first 6 over again in a heartbeat

3.5 stars Will definitely miss Ian

LOVED this series!!!

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