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Hot Finish (2010)

Hot Finish (2010)

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About book Hot Finish (2010)

A lot of the reviews for this book were very mild and most were due to a dislike of Suzanne's character. I have to disagree. Maybe that says a lot about me, but I really enjoyed her. She was snarky and bitchy, but life made her that way. I thought she was kind of awesome and through this series I have come to absolutely love Ryder. He is so easy going and then in this book you learn that there is so much more to him. The dialog was quick and snappy without being mean. I thoroughly enjoyed Ryder and Suzanne's re-love story and am looking forward to more in the next books! The chemistry between divorced couple Suzanne and Ryder Jefferson was evident in the previous books, my my my...I loved their fights xD. In Hot Finish, Suzanne is still refusing additional alimony $$ from Ryder, and back into the wedding planning business for none other than Nikki Borden. Nikki’s finally snagged a driver willing to marry her, and Suzanne will do just about anything to make the high profile, ridiculously themed wedding a success and secure the future of her business. Of course, Nikki’s an attention hoe, too, so she has enlisted all the stock car race drivers you know and love, including Elec, Ty, and Ryder, to be groomsmen. It’s clear on that Ryder never stopped loving Suzanne. The way he’s so supportive of her, and helps her in ways her sometimes stubborn ass can’t refuse.

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I actually really liked this one, in spite of the Hh going in way too many circles.

I just wish these books were longer so we could enjoy them even more

Another great book.

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