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Hot Six (2001)

Hot Six (2001)
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Hot Six (2001)
Hot Six (2001)

About book: Janet Evanovich and her Stephanie Plum series is brilliant. Totally hilarious and worth its weight in gold.Stephanie Plum, a bounty hunter with attitude and an interesting fashion sense runs around with her sidekick Lula in attempt to catch and haul in criminals that have missed their court date.Working for Vinnie, is interesting to say the least. Vinnie is anything but vanilla. His lifestyle and preference in partners although highly abnormal by society’s standards, I find intriguing and laughable. If you don’t understand something .. might as well poke and prod at it until it makes some kind of sense.It was rumored that Vinnie had once been in love with a duck. And Joyce was said to be fond of large dogs. But somehow, the thought of them together was even more horrible.Curiously finding herself with more roommates than she can handle, her Grandma Mazur and a stoner named Mooner, exhaustion rips through her and the only thing to keep her focussed is the food on the table, and the expectation that eventually her sex life will find its way back into her pants.“Hey dude,” he said, “your granny fixed me some pancakes. You’re, like, so lucky to have your granny living with you. She’s totally the bomb, dude.”Mooner is a character to say the least.Stephanie’s relationship with Ranger takes an interesting turn. The growing attraction between them leaves them rolling around on her apartment floor, knee-deep in kisses and his roaming hands .. at least until Mazur busts out of the bedroom. Saved by Grandma or damned for days of mental lusting?Between Morelli, Grandma and Ranger, Stephanie really has her hands full in this book. Mobsters jumping into her car to escape the freak show of a family, to Star Trek riots, this book is filled with tons of funny scenes.With that said, I really didn’t find myself tempted to read this book. Sure, as hilarious as the others, filled with plots that leave your toes tingling, you would assume I’d get my kicks off. But for some reason, it really didn’t float my boat.I’m not giving this book a bad review. Evanovich is awesome, and her books are phenomenal. I just didn’t care much for this one I do recommend this book to anyone needing a laugh. If you’re reading this series, then of course this is a MUST READ! Mild sexual content and violence. Dead bloody bodies but with little detail for the sensitive minds.I’m looking forward to the next book of this series, Seven Up!Happy reading!

Another great Stephanie Plum, Bounty Hunter book.In Hot Six, Stephanie unwillingly takes on the task of joining forces with Morelli to find Ranger (who is Stephanie's friend and mentor) as he has failed to appear for his court date and is now FTA.Ranger was caught on tape just minutes before a building goes up in flames and there is an associated murder of a local drug dealer and son of a Trenton mobster in the burned down building.There is also the added stress of Grandma Mazur moving in with Stephanie after she has a fight with Stephanie's father. Grandma Mazur is determined to learn how to drive so she takes driving lessons to everyone's dismay. She is again toting a gun in this book. Stephanie also asks for favors and in turn owes favors and agrees to dog sit for a cop who says he is going out of town, which ultimately leads to Stephanie adopting a dog, Bob, who eats everything he sees.While all of this is going on, a homicidal boxes wants Stephanie dead.There is the addition of 2 new characters, Habib and Mitchell who outwardly follow Stephanie to see if she can lead them to Ranger. At times Stephanie let's them folllow her around and at times she tries to get away from them. The funniest part of this book was when Stephanie and Lula set fire to a bag of dog poop behind the car driven by Habib and Mitchell.The cliffhanger from High Five is revealed ************SPOILER***********and YES, Stephanie and Ranger did sleep together.Again, Stephanie just falls into things. This is another great book. I actually think I laughed the hardest at this book because of Stephanie's crazy antics.Again, a 5 star read for me. Keep 'em coming.
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Jocelyn Jazmen
Actually, my rating is more like 3.5 starsThis is my first Janet Evanovich book (although sixth in the series,which I didn't realize) so I can't compare to the ones that went before. It's got a peppy pace and is often hilarious with memorable one-liners. She should be a stand-up comedienne! Rare to find a book so humorous and witty.The characters, the Mooner and Dougie the Dealer, are like totally cool, dude (and dudettes). Perfect caricatures!The only thing that bogged me down is that it seems to go in circles: the heroine, Stephanie Plum, goes to her office, then goes to her apartment, after that she goes to her mother's house, then comes back to her apartment, goes to Hannibal's (the bad guy's) house, goes back to her apartment, goes to the office, goes to the Ramos family's house, goes to the office, goes back to her apartment, goes back to Hannibal's house...around and around so much I got dizzy.I bought a whole bunch of this author's ebooks, so it won't be the last of Evanovich for me.Stay tuned.
Mystery. Stephanie Plum! Being tailed. Again! Car on fire. Again! Has an unwelcome houseguest. Again! I was warned these books get predictable, but I...didn't think it'd be this bad? Okay, okay, I'm shaking it off. This here's the book where Ranger's wanted for questioning in connection to a fire and also a murder and has Stephanie doing stakeouts for him. During the course of the investigation, she picks up a dog and a roommate, and then a couple more roommates. Ranger's pretty frisky here. Morelli's getting antsy on account of not getting any. And Stephanie's still making the same stupid mistakes. This book really lacked focus. A lot was going on and everything felt kind of scattered and vague. More so than usual, even. Two stars. It was still funny and hot; it just needed a stronger plot to drive it.
Paula Phillips
It's Plum time again as Stephanie hits the books for Hot Six, the Sixth book of course in the series. Like the previous ones, I think what attracts readers is the amount of fun trouble and ideas that Stephanie has and gets up too, I love the humour in it. In Hot Six , the big bucks is on Ranger and since he is like the bounty hunter God and Stephanie knows there is no way he is going to turn himself in or let himself be captured she passes this one on to Joyce which of course never goes to well for Joyce as in Hot Six, she finds herself tied naked to a tree. Stephanie Plum on the other hand finds herself with a few easy bounties including her old school classmate Dougie ,which we see quite alot of him in Hot Six around Trenton he is known as "The Dealer" but of course Stephanie will find herself in trouble as she once again has a car or two blown up - seems like a trend for the Stephanie Plum books as I swear in every book so far , at least one of Stephanie's cars have blown up or caught fire. Seems like Joyce isn't the only one looking for Ranger as hot on Stephanie's tale is Mitchell and Habib who work for the Rug King and the Ramos family. Another familiar thread that you will find in Hot Six is a random dead body turning up as Stephanie and Lula decide to do a little B & E, though technically just the entering as the door was unlocked and find a dead body sitting in the garage. Your probably wondering too , what the dog is doing on the front cover and how that relates to the story ? In Hot Six , Stephanie finds herself sucked into a scam and ends up babysitting Bob the Golden Retriever and Grandma Mazur moves out of Stephanie's parents house and any guesses where she ends up ? Another awesome and fun installment of the Stephanie Plum books and stay tuned for Book #7.
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