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Hotter After Midnight (2008)

Hotter After Midnight (2008)

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About book Hotter After Midnight (2008)

I've read this book a few years back and loved it.That didn't change. I loved it as much this time around.I remembered loving the hero - didn't remember his name but I remembered he was a badass shifter cop. 'Nuff said. He's hot, he's bad and oh-so-Alpha!I've read about Alphas in a lot of PNR books. Vampires, werewolves, other shifters, demons, mythological creatures, fae, and whatnot. I've also come across the Alpha type in contemporary romance books, no supernatural element in sight. Yet the hero was deemed 'Alpha'. I'm sorry but no, none of these new Alphas can compare to this one or others I've come across. At least, not by my definition of Alpha, which is certainly not an asshole that gives orders left and right, grunts and cannot form a coherent sentence. So, I like the Alphas with brains. And Detective Colin Gyth is that and more. And Emily is perfect for him. You can feel the scorching chemistry, the pull between them. The sex scenes are oh-so-hot and the plot keeps your attention from the beginning to the end. You can feel everything they do.I'd love a Colin Gyth, please. 5 stars. I'll be rereading it. I think because I had read a lot of reviews about how hot and engaging the book was, I was a little bit lost and felt a bit 'meh' at the beginning. However I quickly got into it and it was a hot read. This book was great and well worth the money if you like changeling style erotic scenes with a little bit of backstory cause that pretty much sums it up. The characters were fairly normal and relatable. I would definitely look into more from Cynthia Eden from reading this book.

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I'm not saying this book was perfect or even awesome but I really enjoyed it.. So yes, a big 'ol 5!

Engaging read with lots of intensity.

I'm hooked!

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