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House (2006)

House (2006)
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Thomas Nelson
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House (2006)
House (2006)

About book: Are you a fan of Frank Peritti? DO you eat up Ted Decker's books? Read House, A horror beyond imaginable! It is a book that draws a PERFECT picture of sin. Jack is lost with his exwife, Stephinie.The road is blocked, so a police officer tells them to go down this backroad. then, thier tires are slashed. they go to a hotel and stay the night at that hotel. Another couple is there. There is three rules of the hotel/house. I killed god when he came to my house. i will kill anyone who comes to my house like i killed god. give me one dead body and i might let rule two slide. One game. Seven players. three rules. game ends at dawn.Parker Quiero decir que me siento orgulloso de haber leido este maravilloso libro y ser de los pocos que lo conocen, Ha sido una luz en mi sequia de lecturas. Ted Dekker y Frank Peretti han hecho una gran colaboracion. I mean I'm proud to have read this wonderful book and one of the few in the know, it's been a light in my reading drought. Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti have made a great collaboration.
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I love this book, it's a good thriller and a amazing work of art
Boring, cardboard characters. Couldn't finish.
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