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House Of Prayer No.2 - A Writer's Journey Home (2011)

House of Prayer No.2 - A Writer's Journey Home (2011)

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About book House Of Prayer No.2 - A Writer's Journey Home (2011)

This memoir is unique from the very first pages. The first thing you may notice is that it's written in second person. At first, for a memoir, I wasn't sure how I'd like it. But as I moved through the book, it was actually a refreshing spin on things.Mark Richards went through so many experiences as an that. Doctors made speculations, many Mark overcame.I think this is one of those inspiring stories that you don't hear about often enough. This is a must read for anyone with any type of illness, for any parent with a child that is *labeled* as different. This is a have to read for those that judge others in public, not knowing what conditions may be present beneath the surface. This book is even for the reader that wants to hear a brilliantly told story of overcoming and changing. A fascinating experiment in point of view: it opens with an overview in distancing third-person; then it becomes a story told in differently distancing second person. His childhood and child self are fascinating.For me, he did not fully lay the base for his religious conversion; I am slow that way, perhaps; spiritual omens do suffuse the narrative. Certainly the nature of the experience of his Call itself frustrated me. For one thing, second-person POV makes it hard to explain and reflect, though it can be done. But can a religious calling really be depicted anyway?House of Prayer No. 2 is like the greatest half of a memoir ever written and then it goes on and diffuses its power somewhat. But it's still a gem.

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It was a real slog to finish this book. There was just enough to keep going. Kind of.

Read this in one long gulp... Memoir as good as it gets.

Amazing at times

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