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How Full Is Your Bucket? For Kids (2009)

How Full Is Your Bucket? For Kids (2009)

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1595620273 (ISBN13: 9781595620279)
Gallup Press

About book How Full Is Your Bucket? For Kids (2009)

This is a story about a boy named Felix who learns the importance of "filling your bucket". "Filling your bucket" is an analogy or metaphor for increasing one's self esteem. He learns from his grandpa how one can try to fill their bucket by hurting others (bullying). He shows that one can fill their bucket the proper way by earning good grades and by receiving acceptance from others. I think this book is a wonderful way to introduce the topic of bullying. The illustrations of showing a bucket, whether full or empty, above each character's head is an interesting visual to demonstrate this analogy. I do feel that younger readers may try to interpret this visual as literal, and that may be confusing for some. However, I feel this is a feel good story and teaches the importance of self esteem. I can't wait to read this to my students. An important & beautiful message for all kids (and adults).However, the execution of this book (both in its text AND art) really fell short for me. I think a better (and much more powerful) rendition could have, and should have, been delivered.For example: "Each Kindness" by Jacqueline Woodson & E. B. Lewis.Recommended for its message alone. Don't expect much from the predictable story & lackluster art.

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I think this book teaches you a lesson. I actually read it to my book buddy and she loved it!!!!

Great book for kids. Nice concept too help them be more positive and nicer to each other!

Made this the basis of a High Holy Day piece a few years back. Great stuff

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