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How Hard Can It Be? (2013)

How Hard Can It Be? (2013)

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About book How Hard Can It Be? (2013)

This book was such a train wreck I couldn't put it down. There to plenty of irony in the fact that the book is about a girl writing a book the is meant to be a train wreck and bring down someones career. It was appalling and funny and horrible. I do not recommend this book but at the same time, this is a series and after reading the first one I just have to see what could possibly go on in another one. To my great fear and loathing, I will be reading it. Someone should definitely commit me. I have to admit I had some mixed feelings about this book. Her Hot Damned series has received 5 solid stars from me, and I expected no less from this book. However, I was disappointed with the very similar details in both story lines and main characters. Hot boyfriend that they both get in the sack and mere minutes later he acts like a jerk and they break up, makeup with boyfriend after "look at me" makeup sex, near identical female lead characters, the raspberry chip ice cream, you get my drift... If I hadn't read the Hot Damned series I'd be going "Wow! This is great!" But I have read it, so I felt almost like I was reading a parallel story but without the paranormal elements. The Pirate Dave stuff in here was pure genius and hilarious, and I loved the original ideas I did see in here. I'll just have to check out her next book and see if I like it as much as the Hot Damned series.

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Robyn Peterman had got to be one of the funniest and wittiest authors I have read. A new favorite!

More a 3.5 than 4. This was chick lit with a dang funny edge. I really did enjoy this book.

so funny! I really enjoyed it


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