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How I Sold 1 Million EBooks In 5 Months (2000)

How I Sold 1 Million eBooks in 5 Months (2000)

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About book How I Sold 1 Million EBooks In 5 Months (2000)

Snappy no nonsense advice for writers trying to crack into Amazon's stratosphere as they slog through the basement of their publishing dreams.I've heard many of tips that John endorses from other authors who have already plowed this ground -- finding your niche , blogging, setting goals, tweeting and otherwise using social media to good effect. All good advice. Gulping as I contemplate revising my e book prices from $9.99 to. .99.Scale makes all the difference. This had an interesting discussion of the use of social media (blogs, tweets, etc.) to promote your material. And lord knows I'm terrible about this aspect of my work. It's hard, given a full time job +, trying to find time to write a book review, let alone write your own books. When you add the social media component, you toss up your hands in futility. So here's the deal about John Locke; he made money in the insurance business, before he was a writer. Later, apparently having already made his fortune, he turned his attention to writing to make money. And he's done it, I presume. Given his success selling ebooks. But I thought the quality of his writing was commensurate with his approach - writing to make money, and not because it was a first love, or he wanted to polish his craft, or say something important. This is an interesting discussion of the myriad ways social media can be used to promote your work, but I wasn't wild about the author's writing itself, his craft. My admonition would be, less self-promotion, more practice. I think the 10,000 hours required to become an expert is a good thumbnail, but I don't think John Locke has yet put in the time.

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This is a great book about a brilliant marketing system. Thanks John for sharing.

I can't take a book that uses this many exclamation points seriously.

Enjoyed the book.


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