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How I Sold One Million Ebooks In Five Months (2000)

How I Sold One Million Ebooks in Five Months (2000)

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About book How I Sold One Million Ebooks In Five Months (2000)

There's been a lot of chatter about this book since it came out. I mean, John's success is undeniable. What author wouldn't want to replicate his results? Still, I wasn't convinced that his way of doing things would work for me. But like hundreds of other writers, I purchased the book because, hey, all I had to lose was $5, right? Well, I got my money's worth, and then some. John Locke has put together a concise and easily understandable marketing plan. Although I don't agree with everything he does or suggests I do, I agree with about 80% of it. And that's huge! Because he talks in depth about things like identifying your market, finding your niche, surveying your readers and giving them what they want. He talks about blogging, emailing your core group of die-hard fans, and creating a Twitter "circle". This is all incredibly valuable information. I'm going to start working on implementing some of John's techniques. John Locke has perfected the formula for selling lots of ebooks, and tells his secrets in this short book. I learned a lot and will take many of his suggestions into my marketing strategy for my ebooks. He spends more time developing Twitter networks than I'm capable of doing, though I can see the merits of building friendships this way. Authors who want to maximize their ebook sales can benefit from studying Locke's tactics.

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Very inspiring and a lot of common sense. Some interesting things to think about and act on.

Writing could use work, but a lot of really great marketing tips and ideas

A very likable guy who does share a lot of good tips.

Thank you, John Locke! Very helpful.

Lots of practical advice.

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