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How Should A Person Be? (2010)

How Should a Person Be? (2010)

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0887842402 (ISBN13: 9780887842405)
House of Anansi Press

About book How Should A Person Be? (2010)

I liked the idea of this novel and was interested, esp. After reading a write-up in the New Yorker about how it was an incredible hybrid novel. Really?? The writing is at times witty and good but one of the best? Maybe it was the blow job in the first chapter and a few chapters later the dream about getting shat on that made me start thinking, hmm... Do I really want to spend my time on this? I already knew to not trust blurbs but the blurbs on the back cover sucked me in. Friends will give friends blurbs without even reading the book. I know this firsthand. Okay, back to the library with this one, too, for the next sucker. That was terrible.Sheila Heti shows us what anyone who's in on any urban art scene already knows - that women can be hipster jerks, too. Petty, pretentious, shallow, and terrified that baring any bit of their authentic selves will cost them their cool factor, they muse, pontificate, wonder, and laze about the world with absolute nothing to offer it but their self-absorption.If some of the ideas laid out here were separated into individual quotations or poems, I might have the patience to consider their value. But an onslaught like this just makes you wanna kick the artist in the head.

Do You like book How Should A Person Be? (2010)?

Couldn't make it though the first hundred pages. Maybe in a couple years?

I hated this book. I'm not sure why I bothered to finish it.

I am just not in tune with all the great reviews.

Pointless vapid immature

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