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How To Be Parisian: Wherever You Are (2014)

How To Be Parisian: Wherever You Are (2014)
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How To Be Parisian: Wherever You Are ...
How To Be Parisian: Wherever You Are (2014)

About book: A Christmas present for my sister. Sortof a joke not sure if she'll a) even find it funny b) Appreciate the joke... Oh boy she's gonna hate it. I've never read a book like this before, sort of one of those "chic" coffee counter flip through things that I never understood why people payed so much money for when most of the production is spent on the aesthetic and presentation rather than what's written. But... Christmas... I have no idea what came over me, really. I discovered it through a YouTube video posted by dazed and confused which was like satire taking the piss out of the sexy French stereotype. Ended up being an advertisement for the Caroline de maigret. It was a good video, I still back it. Reading this tho it's hard to tell if they're taking the piss the whole way through or if some parts are genuinely serious. A faaaast read. A lot of pages filled with inserted recipes. Personally I think you've gotta be in a lighthearted jokey mood when you read it, and I only laugh cos my mum is from Paris and I go there quite often and things like "you have to have an expression as though you are looking directly into the sun, at all times...mysterious". Made me lol. But this is definitely written for anglophones and I kindof hate the obsession with Paris and being pretty and romantic and classy. No one can deny all black, frissled hair, lazy feminist rambling females are fucking cool tho. And there are messages I fully support in this but also a lot I completely disagree with. Was it a good book? Hard to say really... Is it a book or more like a extended ironic blogpost or reddit entry...? Worth your time if you have a connection with Paris and find that shit funny, otherwise baa I love this book. Very simple in language. Also, this book provide us with the detail of how Parisian woman act on their daily basis. We might not have to lived in Paris, but there was a lot of things that reminds us as a women on what is our strength as a women, what we should do with our daily life, how to take care of our "assets" and how we want people to sees us. Parisian women is simple, therefore we can learn from them. Not too takes things to seriously, not making too much make up that makes us looks like a doll while we actually perfect with being and looked natural.
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Light reading - some advice good, some not so. Just fun!
Very easy read!. Would recommend to my friends!!!
A cute little pick me up full of tips.
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