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How To Pursue A Princess (2013)

How to Pursue a Princess (2013)

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About book How To Pursue A Princess (2013)

Lily needs a rich husband and fast. Her father has run into some debts that need to be paid and lily doesn't want her younger sister sacrificing herself to pay them. Instead lily is determined to fall in love with a rich man in a months time. Little did she know prince Wulf was going to get in the way of everything.Wulf's character made the story for me. He was so honest it verged on comical and he kept the whole story going. Lily was interesting in her forthright attitude and her self sacrifice for her family. I loved little Meenie in this one especially. There were several good components to this story. I don't usually like prince/princess stories but I was quite comfortable with Wulf. For him, Lily was love at first sight. He was a comfortable hero. Lily was a disappointment to me. I really liked her in the previous book about her sister but she never stood out as I expected. She was too much of a martyr. I never believed her love for Wulf. Her attraction, yes, but love, no. I got bored and toward the end just wanted to finish.I am looking forward to the next installment, though, which sounds like it will be a beauty and the beast scenario.

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Not the Georgette Heyer-type Regency romance that I was expecting! Too much sex for my taste.

4.5 stars. Love at first word. Wulf is a dream come true.

This book was ok, nothing bad but nothing great.

Delightful book...perfect summertime read!

The prince was so funny and mennie

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