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How To Steal A Car (2009)

How to Steal a Car (2009)

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0545113180 (ISBN13: 9780545113182)
Scholastic Press

About book How To Steal A Car (2009)

The book "How To Steal A Car" was very interesting in the beginning , this 15-16 year old girl Kelleigh gets so bored with her life when a man drops his car keys outside at the mall and doesn't notice to pick them up. Kelleigh then picks them up and puts them in her purse, only then later she finds out that the man lives one block down from her. then Kelleigh and her friend take the car and drive around in the middle of the night. Then they just park it down the street from the mans house. Kelleigh then loves the rush of stealing cars and during the chapters of the book she dumps one in a pond, steals a neighbors car when they were out of town , also goes with this one 17 year old boy who then goes stealing cars with her to get more money . I wish that the author did a better job ending the book. It felt like he did such a detailed job in the beginning and rushed to finish the end. because in the end it isn't exactly like a cliff hanger but all that Kelleigh does is steal another car. not the way I would've ended the story. Character-driven, Issue-oriented, Attention-grabbing, High-drama, WittyAngie says: Kelleigh isn't a bad kid. She's just bored. The first car is just for fun, to see what will happen. The second car is for revenge. The third car is to rescue her best friend, left stranded at a party she wasn’t even invited to. And all the cars after that? Well.... It’s starting to look like Kelleigh might have a problem.As always, Hautman writes realistic and believable characters who find themselves in somewhat unbelievable situations. Fun, with a slightly darker undertone.

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This book was ok, there was a lot of parts that I found boring and that didn't make any sense.

pretty good. just the type of girly but not too girly book i needed.

Did this book actually have a plot? Did I miss it?

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