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How To Train A Train (2013)

How to Train a Train (2013)
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0763663077 (ISBN13: 9780763663070)
Candlewick Press
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How To Train A Train (2013)
How To Train A Train (2013)

About book: This is a very fun book that will be enjoyed by a wide range of kids -- boys, girls, train lovers, and kids who like funny books. Instead of teaching kids how to take care of a dog, cat, or goldfish, this how-to manual teaches the care and feeding of a pet train. The illustrations by John Rocco are colorful and enchanting. I love the descriptions of the different breeds of trains, and the variety of names they suggest for trains...Sparkles is my favorite!This would make an excellent read-aloud to younger grades. This adorable story is a guide to how to train a train. The narrator, a child, guides you into the multiple steps to training a train from how to catch one to how to know if it’s the right one. It gives tips on how to name your train, and how to take care of it. It tells a child everything a child needs to know about training a train. The illustrations are the cutest part. They give the trains pet like characteristics. You can see emotions in the trains, it’s almost as if they are alive. With the pictures, imagining a train as a pet is not hard at all. Every child, and adult would love this adorable story, it plays with imagination beautifully. One of my favorite stories! In the classroom this story can be used to teach young readers about how to give instructions, since they book is designed in a sort of guide manner.
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Clever and funny.....this is one I predict the students will want to read again and again.
A great book for your young train enthusiast.
Great read aloud
It was OK.
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