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How To Train Your Dom In Five Easy Steps (2014)

How to Train Your Dom in Five Easy Steps (2014)

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About book How To Train Your Dom In Five Easy Steps (2014)

3.5 STARSI have to say, I came to really enjoying this, which was very surprising since there were a lot of things that bothered me about this book, the whole, 'im not gay but suck my dick' thing, ughh it bothers me so much, but oh well, Eddie just wrapped me up in his fingers.Jeff White is a working class, trying-to-be Dom, he wants a pain slut, that's all he wants, problem is he's into women and none of them are willing to take him on after his little incident...But there's someone who will, Eddie, painslut sub extraordinaire, he's not only cute and sexy but also smart and successful. He's willing to let Jeff experiment on him, problem is, he wasn't counting on falling for the very adamantly straight man. I didn't expect to like this but in the end, I really did. This is the story of Jeff (a wannabe Dom) and Eddie (a pain-slut who likes it rough and kinky and doesn't want a relationship). The problem is that Jeff is straight. Eddie is attracted to Jeff so offers to teach him how to be a respectful Dom and assures him that it's not about the sex but the role that is played. After some convincing, Jeff takes him up on the offer, telling himself it's not gay if he doesn't actually show interest in Eddies man parts. Needless to say, they both get off on what they're doing and the student/teacher role morphs into something deeper that neither wants to admit to the other. The sex is creative to the point that I sometimes had no idea what position they'd managed to get themselves into and the 'tools' they used only added to the story. I also found the banter between the two MC's hilarious at times. Two very different guys that just fit together.

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I liked it a lot & thought the characters were very cute together.

Review to come.

3.5 Stars

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