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Hugless Douglas (2010)

Hugless Douglas (2010)

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0340950625 (ISBN13: 9780340950623)
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About book Hugless Douglas (2010)

This would be a good book to teach children about different types of hugs. Children can learn about objects that don't hug back. Children can learn about different emotions that can be expressed when they don't get the response they think they should get. Children can also learn about directions such as up, down or left and right.Extension: An activity that can be done after reading this book would be for the class to make up different types of hugs and then demonstrate them with each other. Before you all start panicking, I have not started spawning a tribe of miniature goodreaders - the earth will be safe from that calamity for a while yet. I bought this for my friend's little girl who is two next week. I phoned her up and said, "so how old is the kid, is she two or three because I can't remember?" The friend sighed a long sigh and said, "no she's only two, it just feels like she's been here for a lot longer!" And that, my friends, tells me all I need to know about child rearing.I've been looking for an excuse to get this book for a while, mainly because my boss is called Douglas, and I suspect, based on what I know of him, that he might be a bit hugless too. The book based Douglas is a bear looking for some post-hibernation affection. Pooh has Piglet but this poor chap has no one to take his affections out on and a bear-hug is probably not everyone's cup of tea so he has work set out for him. Rocks are hugged, bushes are squeezed, sheep are grabbed and rabbits are molested and eventually he finds his Mum who gives the best hugs of all. Awwww. This got three stars because there's a sentence in the book where Douglas says "Give us a hug" and that's just bad English.

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I enjoyed the illustrations and humor but the conclusion was lackluster.

Just love Hugless Douglas... And you'll learn soo much about hugs..

Douglas NEEDS a hug. End of the books are different kinds of hug.

i think that this book was awesome

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