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Humans Of New York (2013)

Humans of New York (2013)

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1250038820 (ISBN13: 9781250038821)
St. Martin's Press

About book Humans Of New York (2013)

I made my first visit to New York City this year, and fell in love with it. The diversity and drama of humanity on every street, in every park, and inside every building. This book broadens and deepens the beauty of the city and its people - a snapshot of our global humanity. The brief stories that go along with the photos are refreshing. I laughed, I was touched, and I was inspired. And now I am a follower of HONY on Facebook. I originally was so tempted to buy this, as my friend had shown me the website and I was transfixed by all of the different stories tied to the people of New York. But flipping through the book, I noticed a lack of stories, and more of little quotes. I immediately lost interest in reading it, unfortunately, because I think there is so much more to be said than just a quick quote taken from a story.

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This is a MUST look book!! The photos are more than amazing! I was completely awe stricken with it!

Love this book. Love the website. Love the friend who gave it for Christmas 2014.

Loved it! Great photos and captions.

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