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Hunted By The Alpha (2013)

Hunted by the Alpha (2013)
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Hunted By The Alpha (2013)
Hunted By The Alpha (2013)

About book: Read as part of Howl of the Alpha boxed set.This was an ok read. I've said it before, about another story by this author, that it felt as if this was a few chapters lifted from a much bigger story. As it is, I just wish there had been a few more pages, and that more of the history between The Order and the werewolves had been shown to us. You basically get teased with hints of a story about The Order and the werewolves, so you think you're gonna get a story with a bit of bite, then all you get is a few sentences about it interspersed between a sex scene. You do get a bit of bite, it's just not the bite you were hoping for.Repeating myself again, but I do hope the author turns this into a novel. The bones of it are there, so it shouldn't take too much to turn it inot what it has the potential to be.
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