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Hypnotic Seduction (2012)

Hypnotic Seduction (2012)

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About book Hypnotic Seduction (2012)

I got this book from the Author in exchange for a review. I really wanted to like the book more since I enjoyed the second book of the series so much, but somehow it just didn't happen. It felt very predictable to me and that just did not hold my interest, but I did like some of the characters and it had some steamy loving. I am still curious about other books by L.L. Kellogg and just because I did not love this book as much myself it clearly struck a cord with other reviewers, and we all have different taste. I am sure there will be plenty more books by this talented Author that I will enjoy. I had originally thought the premise of this book would be a funny one, but I found myself wishing it would end. For me, the book really dragged. While I know exactly how the heroine felt about her self image, I kept wondering why she felt the way she did. She wasn't overweight, just well endowed, and yet that ruled her entire lifestyle. Jordan, likewise, was too preoccupied with his own sexual endowments, and between the two of them, it kept them from finding love with each other. There were too many outside forces acting upon them to get together to make it a believable romance for this reader. I have other books by this author, but I am now hesitant to read them, based on my bad experience with this story.

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Love this book, it grabbed me from the very beginning!

If you're having withdrawals from Fifty Shades...

Read twice - that's how much I liked it!

Great book!

Loved it!

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