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I Can Make You Hate (2012)

I Can Make You Hate (2012)

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0571295029 (ISBN13: 9780571295029)
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About book I Can Make You Hate (2012)

I love Charlie Brooker's work, so imagine my disappointment when , having parted with £10 I found my book was just CB's newspaper column, still I guess we are all trying to recycle and up cycle more.I did have a few laugh out loud moments, but not as many as I would have expected. I won't be buying any other CB books, I felt I've been robbed as I've bought a book of old comments about news from 3 years ago I decided many moons ago that I did not like this guy. It was because all the complete tossers from my old workplace loved him and wanted to be his best friend and therefore I refused to get on board. I didn't claim it was a valid reason...So, I found myself purchasing this book last week and it turns out that I like his sense of humour. I gather from some of the columns that some of his fans find him too old and boring now. I am getting on a bit myself these days, and I am quite boring at the moment and I have a child... so perhaps that explains it.

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Embarrassingly, it made me laugh out loud on the bus quite a few time.

If you're a human with a brain, read this.That is all I have to say.



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