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I Can See Clearly Now (2014)

I Can See Clearly Now (2014)

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1401944035 (ISBN13: 9781401944032)
Hay House, Inc.

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As a skeptic, the steadily increasing "woo" factor as I progressed through each of his stories started to get to me just a bit. That's just my personal way of looking at life - I am a reverent humanist - so all mentions of conscious higher powers and the like kept tripping me up. Regardless of any of that, the book itself is very well written and the stories comprise a very interesting puzzle that helped me understand the Dyer phenomenon. He is a very educated yet still quite accessible author, so the read itself was quite enjoyable. I wish Dr. Dyer the very best in his health and any future pursuits. It would be hard for anyone not to be impressed by Wayne Dyer's life and learnings. It isn't that he endured any unlikely hardship, it's that his ability to be selective about his thoughts, attitudes and actions propelled him far into the depths of self and then god realization. I had a hard time swallowing some sections where he bragged unabashedly about his accomplishments, influence or famous friends, while simultaneously describing his teachings on losing one's ego. However, overall this book is chalk full of the fascinating chronological epiphanies of an insanely prolific man. I appreciate that he, for whatever reason, has been so committed to sharing such critical messages so widely. I like that he ends the book by inviting his readers to take a fresh look back at their life to see things more clearly. Last but not least, this book includes a pretty killer set of recommendations for authors, philosophers, poets, thinkers, etc which I intend to use for further exploration!

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I love memoirs. This is one of the best I've read. I feel blessed and inspired.

Loved it and will do an immediate reread to soak it all in!


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