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I Could Chew On This 2015 Wall Calendar (2014)

I Could Chew on This 2015 Wall Calendar (2014)

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1452131260 (ISBN13: 9781452131269)
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About book I Could Chew On This 2015 Wall Calendar (2014)

Doggies have deep, philosophical thoughts, as evidenced by this collection of poems by dogs. Freedom is something dogs strive for, just before they become lost. Solitude becomes abandonment after mere minutes, or was that seconds? Every dog is a lapdog at heart, even if the dog is twice the size of the lap. Adding to the enjoyment of these poems are the many adorable pictures that accompany the text. Not quite as delightful as its feline counterpart collection, it is still quite entertaining. can you smell thati smell the airi smell the dewi smell that rocki smell your shoei smell the leavesi smell a slugi smell the dirti inhale a bugi smell the grassi smell the grassi smell each and everyblade of grassi smell a buttoh hey, its lou!i smell frustrationoh hey, thats you!i sniff, i snort, i even snuffand with every scent my nose does singbut you say quite sharplyits been two hoursso lets smell what the next footof our walk does bring

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Such cute poems! The photos in this one were so adorable and made me wish I had all of these dogs!

do not read while drinking anything. some of these are spit-take funny.

I laughed the whole way through.


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