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I Fantasmi Della Notte (2013)

I fantasmi della notte (2013)

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About book I Fantasmi Della Notte (2013)

This one was a bit different from the other books in that is was a straight up ghost story. It was did not centered around the vampire politics of the bloodlines and loyalties and only briefly hinted at a major change at the Homeland Security team Cat and Bones use to work for. Oh, and not a lot of biting in this book. I missed that. I loved all the biting in the other ones,as a big vampire fan. (Not that it takes away from the story, just saying) But, the story was fun and spooky and disturbing as well. Cat has grown as a character and is learning from her mistakes and not a lot of authors do that for some character. They let them make the same mistakes over and over and over. Cat learns from hers and tries new solutions to problems. It'd refreshing and gives the reader credit. Bones is a fantastic leading man and is what most women wish for. Strong, loving, and just as stubborn and patient as she needs him to be. Highly recommend this series. Regression into stupidity with this book. Kramer is an uninteresting bad guy, and the whole book is Cat and Bones moving around destroying various places until they get their shit together.Also, in most of Frost's books the A-plot and B-plot move along together until the collide at the end in the finale. However, this time around, the B-plot is just set up for the next book which feels kind of like a waste of time (most all of it gets re-explained in the introductory exposition in the next book).

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Not as good as the others in the series. But it was enjoyable

The ending was hysterical!! :-D

2.5 starsNot enough Ian

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