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I Must Have Bobo! (2011)

I Must Have Bobo! (2011)

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1442403772 (ISBN13: 9781442403772)
Atheneum Books for Young Readers

About book I Must Have Bobo! (2011)

I selected this book because of the sock-monkey. Well, maybe BoBo isn't a sock monkey, but that's what my first thought was when I saw him. The sparse text of this story is perfect for the meaningful illustrations. Bold colors and strong lines clearly evoke plenty of ideas here. A boy who loves is cuddly monkey wakes to find BoBo is missing. He begins looking for BoBo and find the cat has taken BoBo. apparently the cat loves BoBo too. I found the emotional quality of this book to be similar to Klassen's "I Want My Hat Back." I just really love this book, and have several ideas to share the book with different age groups. I can certainly cover some learning objectives reading this book to a variety of audiences. Great book! Megan and I spent a lot of time in bookstores on our west coast swing (Powell's in Portland and City Lights in San Francisco). Reading a kids book in 45 seconds can be a fun diversion from trying to act all cool in front of Vladimir Nabokov.In this postmodern classic, a young boy loses his bear to a cat, but eventually makes piece with his pet by snuggling both Bobo and Kitty. Trenchant.

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I'm sure a lot of kids will relate to the idea of a potentially lost favorite stuffed animal!

A more likable main character might have made this a more enjoyable book.

cute illustrations

Just creepy.

Love Earl!

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