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I Saw Her Standing There (2014)

I Saw Her Standing There (2014)
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0425275310 (ISBN13: 9780425275313)
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I Saw Her Standing There (2014)
I Saw Her Standing There (2014)

About book: Truth....I was bored ...feels like nothing happened....I do like the characters....but I felt the story was told before I started the book. Through the whole thing it was the same mantra "how to make it work...not going to work...will make it work...back to how to make it work" Just felt like it needed more....I was more interested in the sub plots then the main one.....what was the main one?? Oh be or not to be together ...blah blah I received a print and digital copy from Netgalley and NAL in exchange for an honest review. I have to confess that Marie Force is an author that has been growing on me for quite awhile. All her writing is different and always has its own special kind of flare to it. That's what I like about the Green Mountain series because she brings opposites together and despite the odds finds a way to make things work in a realistic way. I enjoy the opposites attract, against the odds, odd ball kind of story because its a story that brings hope to those that despite the dire circumstances of their life and the reasons why it can't work that just maybe your happy ending can find its way to you. I'd definitely suggest readers beginning with the first book because otherwise readers may find themselves being confused by certain details but other than that I Saw Her Standing There is a wonderful book.
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Marie does it again!!!!!!!! Another awesome story. I loved it!!!!!! I can't wait for the next one.
Another amazing book from Marie Force. I love the Abbott Family!
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