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I Saw You Standing There (2014)

I Saw You Standing There (2014)

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The Abbott's are back in the third book the Marie Force, Green Mountain series, I Saw Her Standing There. Readers looking for a light romantic read, with humor, realistic characters and a true opposites attract storyline will love this one. Colton Abbott, the family mountain man, meets the woman of his dreams, only she doesn't live anywhere close, nor due either of them want to leave their families. Force makes readers believe that there is always hope in the impossible with the latest addition to this heart warming series!What I liked:I have a fond place in my heart for this series. Marie Force has given readers a great family in the Abbotts. With ten siblings this will probably prove to be a long running series with lots of great pairings. Colton and Lucy were next in line with the latest book in the series, I Saw Her Standing There. I love the nod to great Beatles songs with the titles of the books in the series as well. The Vermont setting and the family sugaring business is also a wonderful angle. Force has a knack for taking something unusual and turning it into the premise for a great series. I love Green Mountain!Colton is essentially the family mountain man. He runs the sugaring facilities from his own mountain. He lives in a cabin with out electricity and only got a cell phone when he wanted to talk to Lucy more often than once a week. Lucy is city girl and she doesn't really seem to have any interest in moving away from her family or the city. These two are total opposites. I doesn't really look like there is any way that it will work out between them. They both have their own lives and jobs and there doesn't seem to be any moving or changing in the future, so they decide to keep things as a 'fling', but fate often sees things differently and the way Marie Force brings these two characters together is magical. There were plenty of hot and steamy scenes. These two got along in every way, in and out of the bedroom. They seemed to want the same things in life, just in different locations. I love the fact that Force gives readers two people that very different, yet they have a lot in common. Their love of family is one of the things that I think brought them together. I love Elmer and Lincoln's attempts to ferret out Colton's secrets and the way that the entire family seems invested in Colton's happiness. That's the way family should be.I liked all of the family scenes and the parts that allowed the reader to find out what was going on with previous couples in the family. We get to see how Cam and Will are getting on and Nolan and Hannah's wedding. This is a small town romance that is fixated on family and I love that about it. This series brings readers so many people to become engaged in. It's just a great all around series!Bottom Line:If you aren't reading the Green Mountain series yet, you should be. This is such a wonderful family oriented series, that doesn't shy away from the romantic and sexual love that readers are looking for in contemporary romance novels. These are memorable characters who are realistic and relatable. I want to live in this small town and become friends with this family. They are pretty awesome! Another fantastic read, in an already fantastic series. I loved the relationship between Colton and Lucy, the humor and glimpses of the entire Abbott family and can't wait to read the next book in the series. I also loved the short story at the end of the book, although it convinced me camping is not my thing! If your a fan of the Gansett Island series you will love these books, and if your not give them ago and soon like me you will be devouring everything Marie Force writes.

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This book was so good I could not put it down. Definitely a must read.

Another Marie Force binge read. :)

November 4th!!

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