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I Shall Not Want (2010)

I Shall Not Want (2010)

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142670190X (ISBN13: 9781426701900)
Abingdon Press

About book I Shall Not Want (2010)

I really enjoyed this book!!It was such a refreshing read. No bad language, no smut - just a really intriguing mystery. The characters were unique and very likeable, the story captured my attention entirely, and of course it never hurts when there are dogs involved! :bI would definitely recommend this book - especially to those who are looking for a good mystery without any graphic content. As well as religious-minded people of any faith! (: I can't help but think of the Barbie doll character from the Toy Story II movie when I think of the main heroine Cindy, but I do really like the storyline. I read book one in the series and book 3 is on my Want to Read list. Though I was able to narrow down who the killer was, I enjoyed the plot twists. I also especially love that the main hero in the story is a Jewish Rabbi. The book is not overly preachy but clean and easy to read.

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I liked this one even better than the first in the series. Keep them coming!

Read the first one. So-so. This one about the same.

Good easy read and suspenseful. Loved it!

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