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Ice Cracker II: And Other Stories (2011)

Ice Cracker II: And Other Stories (2011)

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Lindsay Buroker, via Smashwords

About book Ice Cracker II: And Other Stories (2011)

These short stories helped me through the long months between reading Deadly Currents and Deadly Games. They feature Amaranthe working with various team members. I particularly liked The Frozen Water Trade with Amaranthe and Sicarius working for an old school friend of Amaranthe. This one delves a little into Amaranthe's past.There are 3 short stories included in this collection: The Frozen Water Trade (feat. Sicarius), Through Fire Distilled (feat. Books), and Ice Cracker II (feat. Sicarius). Ice Cracker II, by author Lindsay Buroker is a collection of short stories and I thoroughly enjoyed the adventures of Amaranthe and her deadly sidekick Sicarius. I am not a great fan of short stories but all of the stories were about the same main character, Amaranthe The author has written several novels about this character. She is someone you wouldn’t want to pick a fight with and her partner Sicarus would kill you before you could blink.Ice Crackers II is a ‘steampunk’- which I had no idea about before reading- and is a Fantasy set in a world ruled by an Emperor who forbids magic, and guns to all but his imperial soldiers. Amaranthe has a price on her head and tries to gain the favor of the Emperor by hiring herself and the men that follow her to fight the magicians that try to topple the empire. I’m not sure what background Lindsay Buroker has in martial arts but the fighting scenes were very believable and exciting. The world she has created is perfect for Fantasy. The characters are heroic, humorous and solid. This book is free in ebook, but to be honest I didn’t realize this when I began to read. I read a lot and had forgotten this fact until I went back to purchase more books by Lindsay. She is a very talented writer and I will be reading more of her works! There were editing errors but not enough to distract the reader. I feel sure her novels will be much cleaner. I would highly recommend the works of author Lindsay Buroker to any lover of Fantasy, action or adventure!

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Three good short stories set in The Emperor's Edge universe. Good to get more in these characters.

I will never have enough of Amaranthe and Sicarius!!

3.5 stars

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