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Ich Versprach Dir Die Liebe (2014)

Ich versprach dir die Liebe (2014)

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3404169425 (ISBN13: 9783404169429)
Bastei Lübbe

About book Ich Versprach Dir Die Liebe (2014)

More than 4, not quite 5, but went higher because I read it in one sitting & that is a rarity given my schedule!Thought provoking to say the least , this is a tale of love, loss & impossible choices (except they do get made).As beautiful as it could be, my cynical self often paused ( if only to roll my eyes).Things were a little too shiny, serious problems shrugged aside - staggering hospital bills? FIL has money. Mother opposed? One 911 call switched that. Brother opposed? One diary entry changes that.Too pat.But, my preference is for whole, peaceable families so...good!It is fiction after all ;) Allahım çok şükür sonunda bitirebildim!! Haa yanlış anlaşılmasın bu arada kitap kötü olduğu için değil aksine deli gibi işim olduğu için bu kadar uzun sürdü :)Şimdiye kadar okuduğum kitaplara göre çok farklı geldi bana.. Çok çok beğendim..Olayların başladığı andan itibaren Matt'le birlikte üzüldüm, onunla birlikte savaştım.. Çok farklı duygular uyandırdı bende kitap.. Sonunu bile bile farklı bir şeyler olmasını hayal ettim.. Ama her zaman hayaller gerçek olamıyor tabi...

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7/11/14. Really like this. I think I bought this at the Library sale.

This book was so good. I could t put it down from start to finish.

Great novel that brings up many ethical dilemmas to consider.

Good, good book. Make sure you have the Kleenex ready.

It was a little predictable, I thought.

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