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If Forever Comes (2000)

If Forever Comes (2000)

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About book If Forever Comes (2000)

MEGAN'S REVIEW - I first fell in love with Christian and Elizabeth last November when I read Take This Regret, which I re-read when Lost To You was released and fell in love with their story even more. If Forever Comes is the continuation, the final chapter, in Christian and Elizabeth's story.When we left off with Take This Regret, Christian and Elizabeth finally had their fairy tale love on the right track. Everything was rosy, perfect... In If Forever Comes something has changed, the fairy tale has been shattered. In this book we discover what happened in a series of flashbacks from both POVs.There is mystery and intrigue as you piece the snippets back together. Their story is told out of sequence, flitting from the love they shared to the tragedy that has unfolded, flowing effortlessly back and forth.A.L. Jackson's writing style is one that I have not come across with any other author. She has a way of telling a story that is gut-wrenchingly beautiful, the words poetically leaping off the page. Her words will draw you in, suck you into the minds of her characters in a way that you will feel every emotion, feel their anger, frustration and cry their tears of both joy and sorrow. It is an intensely raw and gripping read, full of passion.Ugly cry warning, that is what this book needs! It had me sobbing to the point where I had to put the book down for a moment to gather myself. These characters will forever live in my heart. THE WHOLE SERIES IS A DEFINITE MUST-READ! 5 STARS! This the conclusion to Christian and Elizabeth. This book had me crying ugly tears. I wasn't expecting the beginning of this book when I started reading it. After the last book, you think your favorite characters are going to get their HEA, that's not what happens. Without spoilers Christian and Elizabeth's love is put to a test again after they suffer a tragedy in their life. Very sad, heartfelt, my heart broke for Christian just as much as it did for Christian!!I did love the ending and was very happy! I love this series can't wait to read more by this amazing author!!

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most suitable song- fix you by coldplay....kept singing it in my mind when i was reading this book..

This sequel was not necessary, too much drama for this poor Elizabeth.

Not my favorite in the series but I did like the ending.

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