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Igniting A Passion For Reading: Successful Strategies For Building Lifetime Readers (2009)

Igniting a Passion for Reading: Successful Strategies for Building Lifetime Readers (2009)
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Stenhouse Publishers
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Igniting A Passion For Reading: Succe...
Igniting A Passion For Reading: Successful Strategies For Building Lifetime Readers (2009)

About book: FANTASTIC book!!!!I do not usually enjoy reading "teacher" books. They can be rather dry and too theoretical. Steven Layne's writing is hysterical. I caught myself laughing in many places as he expressed his thoughts about various topics.This will be my fifth year as a fourth as a remedial reading teacher for high school students. I wish I'd had this book my first year, although my mentor, smart lady that she is, probably would have known that I was too overwhelmed that first year and would have saved it.I find it ironic that by putting this book in front of me, my mentor did exactly what Steven proposes in the book itself. She matched a reader (me) with a book of interest.This book contains very practical ideas for how to help students develop a love for reading.I do some of these things in my classroom already, but Steven's ideas reach further and challenge students more. My struggling readers grew to love reading last year, and I firmly believe it's because I unknowingly did some of the same things in the book.I am already planning on incorporating many vamped-up ideas into my classroom this year! This is a MUST-READ for all teachers across subject areas and grades!! It provides some good strategies to help kids develop a love for reading, getting to know what books students enjoy ( self- assessments), doing book chats to kids excited n learn titles of books, read alouds to allow students who don't enjoy reading, some time to enjoy listening to one, and more strategies to help students grow with their interactions with books. It also talk about having a book lounge as a room in a school, love this idea. A room where students can get comfortable and enjoy reading.
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Very motivating book - loved the anecdotes and humor interjected throughout the book!
Amazing book...I feel so motivated to go back into the classroom!
Great resource book with a lot of good ideas to implement.
I heart this book! Gonna use all I can in my classroom!
great advice to encourage reading
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