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Il Peso (2012)

Il peso (2012)

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Neri Pozza

About book Il Peso (2012)

Heft is the heartbreaking story of two lonely, damaged, people who fail to grasp their one chance of attaining happiness. It is also the story of an eighteen year old boy who must find his way through the morass of tragedy that lies in the wake of that unhappiness. Arthur Opp's lonely existence has manifested itself in an eating disorder that has made him obscenely obese. Once a college professor, he has become a reclusive shut-in. The unbearable sadness of his life will tear at the strings of your heart. However, the reader will also experience repugnance at his weakness, his inability to fight for anything that might bring him redemption. He wallows in his own Shakespearean tragedy.Charlene, is a lost soul who has spent her life dreaming of a world that she is ill equipped to live in. Her final dissent into a world of alcoholic escapism is tragic, but predictable. Somehow this ghost of a person has managed to raise a boy that personifies all of the possibilities that she herself never possessed.Charlene's son Kell,a survivor, may yet achieve his dreams. Certainly, he has the strength of character, and the talent to reshape his destiny. But, can he escape his own demons? Moore has created a beautifully written novel about these three disparate characters, and what becomes of them. Who will rise above the abyss that fate has delivered to them? The story is a reminder that though you cannot choose your family, you can choose your friends. Slightly annoyed with this book. I would give it a solid 3 stars. I found the characters enjoyable especially Arthur and Yolanda.(They were my favorite to read) Both sides of the story was intriguing, however the book in it's entirety felt disjointed. It felt like the author was writing 2 different stories that REALLY never came together for me. I don't like a book to leave me feeling frustrated, that's exactly how I feel.

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Interesting read. Took a little getting into the book... maybe because my time to read was spotty.

Top favorite recent read. I miss the characters. I hope there is another with them in it.

This book was well done. I was not happy with the ending.

Good story, but too loose of an ending.

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