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Il Posto Di Harry Quattrozampe (2014)

Il posto di Harry Quattrozampe (2014)

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About book Il Posto Di Harry Quattrozampe (2014)

Good overall; a quick, enjoyable read. I teared up at the beginning with the situation with Harry, and then was surprised at all the twists and turns the story went through. It had a lot more going on than I expected when I started. Some bits were a little (and I mean only a tiny bit) repetitive, but I liked the matureness of both Peter and Evan, and how they handled their blooming relationship. I recommend this read because it is different from the typical storyline and really enjoyable and heartwarming. I found this realistic and very sweet.I bawled for the first 20%. (not saying why, but it's pretty obvious), then I awwed for the next 40% while the boys flirted with friendship, then I tried to hustle Pete along while he dithered and dallied.Slow slow build up to the smexy. I was interested that we pretty much knew nothing about Pete's job until the last third when it came into play. Very unusual structure. Enjoyed this book a lot.

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I really enjoyed this book. I love gay romance with dogs and children in them.

Lovely story that hits home with any animal lover ❤️

Loved this. Would have given it 5 stars if I could.

3.5 stars

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