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Il Quinto Beatle (2013)

Il quinto Beatle (2013)
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8891203092 (ISBN13: 9788891203090)
Panini Comics
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Il Quinto Beatle (2013)
Il Quinto Beatle (2013)

About book: As a lover of graphic novels and The Beatles, it seemed as though this was created purely for my enjoyment! Having the focus of the story away from the fab four kept my attention, so I was never skipping ahead in my mind thinking "I know what happens next". The characterization of The Beatles was spot on, each one's personality coming across well. Brian's character has never really been played out before, but the portrayal in the book is extremely likable, which only adds to the tragedy. The artwork is amazing and the physical size of the book makes for a thoroughly indulging experience. I recommend having some Rubber Soul era Beatles to hand whilst reading. As the title states this is the story of Brian Epstein. I am not normally a big graphic story reader however as I like The Beatles I thought this would be of interest to me. The thing that I enjoyed most about this book was the quality and the size of the artwork. The book was priced over what I normally pay for a book however once I started reading I realised that you certainly get what you pay for as it really is superb quality!
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Fantastic, cinematic graphic novel. Mostly probably fantasy, hence.
Good art. Weak story, even for a graphic novel.
Three stars for the gorgeous art.
Great story.Beautifully drawn.
A true masterpiece.
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