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Il Tredicesimo Dono (2014)

Il tredicesimo dono (2014)
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Il Tredicesimo Dono (2014)
Il Tredicesimo Dono (2014)

About book: What an amazing story! This is a true story of a family whose father dies two months before Christmas. During the Christmas season, the family is still reeling from the loss and the great whole that's been left in their lives. An anonymous group of "true friends " mysteriously leave gifts at the family's door during the 12 days of Christmas. At first, the mom is resentful of these reminders of the Christmas season she is dreading, but slowly these daily surprises begin to unite the family and provide hope for the days ahead. The writing is exceptionally good and kept me engaged along the way. I experienced a range of emotions while reading just one chapter. At one moment I burst out laughing, at another moment I had tears streaming down my face and was sadly in despair, and then saw a glimpse of hope at the end of the chapter. The first night I read nearly half the book in one sitting and easily finished the book within the week. I highly recommend it...especially as a preview to the Christmas season! It might also be a good gift for someone experiencing sadness during the holidays. It is a wonderful story of hope, perseverance, and the ability to move past difficult situations to find joy again.I received a complimentary copy of this book from Blogging For Books in exchange for this fair and unbiased review. If I wasn't going to write a full review (which of course, I am), then I would simply say this:read this book. Just read it. If you've ever thrown yourself a big old pity party for Christmas dinner, then again I say: read it. That's why I read it. I absolutely loved the realness of both the author and how she told her true story. She didn't hold back. She told it like it was - ugly and beautiful all at once. Christmas without some of my family is still hard for me, but my husband dying a few months before Christmas, leaving me with my young, angry kids? Unimaginable. This book will get you out of your head and into the heart and needs of others. It was funny, sad... perfect. Well, almost.My only issue holding me back from that five star rating is the author's writing voice. It wasn't bad, actually, quite the opposite. It was very proper. A little too much like a newspaper writer for my taste - I could have used a bit more emotion and a tad less "just the facts" tone in some parts, but obviously that didn't stop me from loving it.
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Such a great holiday season read. I may read it every year around Christmas.
Great true story! Just what I needed this Christmas!
Beautiful story about giving and healing.
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