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I'll Be There (2011)

I'll Be There (2011)

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0316122793 (ISBN13: 9780316122795)
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

About book I'll Be There (2011)

Megan Pardee Emily bell was an average girl. One day she goes to church and ""tries"" to sing and sees a boy in the back about her age. She runs out and goes into the back of the church the boy comes out and she finds out his name is Sam smith. While they keep seeing each other and they start dating Emily and her family finally get to meet sam's brother riddle. Soon their dad who's is a robber decides to leave that town since he found out Sam was dating someone so they had to leave maybe forever with what happenes. Will Emily and Sam every get to see each other again and finish off their love story? If you like love stories with some action in between then this is the book for you! This was a good book, but the audience to whom I'd recommend it would be girls from about 7th grade to 9th grade. Boys, and I'm not being sexist, would PROBABLY not be interested in this book; adults would PROBABLY not be interested in this book. I am glad, as a middle school LA teacher, that I read it, as I have a few students to whom I'd recommend it. It has a lot of drama in it that many girls seek in their reading material!

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Ehhh... not very captivating. I skimmed and skipped around until I got to the end.

Kannattaa välillä hakea lukemista nuorisohyllystä! Hyvä kirja!

Me ha gustado mucho, es increible como escribe la autora. ❤

I REALLY enjoyed this book. Great read!

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