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Illegal My Ass (2000)

Illegal My Ass (2000)

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About book Illegal My Ass (2000)

I read this whilst in Nepal and omfg, makeandoffer is my favourite author. I've read all her books and loved them. The main thing I look for in a book is dirtiness. It could be sex, partying, getting drunk or just down right filthy language. This book has all the aspects of dirtiness. Mia and Drake are like the most amazing couple and I screamed when Nate saw the video, I screamed! I shipped Mia and Drake from the start and I was so happy in the end. I loved this book, makeandoffer deserves for all her books to be published. Her writing skills are amazing. I don't know how many times I've read this one! It makes me laugh so much, the characters are just brilliant and hilarious. This one book should definitely be published and sold in book stores! Whenever I read a sad book, I go back to this to cheer me up. The plot twist in the middle had meat the edge of my seat, but it's worth the read. One of my all time favourites - a great wattpad book. I can just imagine this becoming a movie - makeandoffer would become a writing sensation.

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i absolutely love this book, its fucking awesome and i ended up laughing the whole time

Love this book so much! I always find myself reading a chapter or 2 over again!

Just finished it. I love the plot of it. Makeandoffer's books are the bestest!!

I'll never get tired of reading this one! My fave on wattpad❤️

Amazeballs. Funny, romantic and unique; I loved it!

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