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Illicit (2013)

Illicit (2013)

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0312674627 (ISBN13: 9780312674625)
St. Martin's Griffin

About book Illicit (2013)

I really enjoyed Illicit. Lindsay was betrayed in her last relationship and is not looking for a relationship, but when she trips entering an elevator, she fantasizes about the three sexy men riding with her. Later, she has the opportunity to turn those fantasies into reality with Erik, Connor, and Travis. Lindsay quickly develops a deep bond with Erik and she provides Travis with a level of acceptance he has rarely found. Relationships are tested when Erik refuses to trust Lindsay with his secret but Travis and Connor want to continue seeing her. Lindsay, Erik, Travis, and Connor are interesting, well-developed characters and they experience plausible relationship conflicts. I'll read more books by Opal Carew. Compared to other eroticas, the plot is rather simple. I liked that it did not involve having sex with other people to learn to show or accept your feelings for someone, as it too often does in this author's books.The characters had potential but it could have been developed more. My main disappointment regards the hot scenes which I found slightly clinical and repetitive, and thus really below what Ms. Carew is able to write.

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ok book a little to explicit but it was a great story.

not my style

great story!


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