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Illusions Of Love (1991)

Illusions of Love (1991)
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0515108014 (ISBN13: 9780515108019)
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Illusions Of Love (1991)
Illusions Of Love (1991)

About book: another nice family saga, read years ago and found while cleaning the garage. What always surprises me when I fall upon a book written in the 1980's is the amount of cliches you find. Page after page, the heroes and the villains offer all he traits you are expecting. The bad ones hate Jewish and black people, the good ones are hard workers who would rather die than compromise with their principles, etc...I understand better reading such books how Danielle Steele became so famous. The ideas are all the same, nothing original. Just some kind of romance or romantic suspense to keep the women busy.It does sound a little outdated when you get back to them today. Thank God! the hero, Martin, is just a selfish bastard, and the morality underlying the book is more depressing than anything else. She has written better books, I think. Or maybe I just should not read them again...
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