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Imajica: The Fifth Dominion (1995)

Imajica: The Fifth Dominion (1995)

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About book Imajica: The Fifth Dominion (1995)

I am exercsing my (rarely used) right not to finish a book. I've read Clive Barker before, and routinely been unimpressed. After 150 pages (which is about 80 pages more than the hundred page rule- if you don't know, that rule says you should read 100-your age of a book before deciding not to read more of it), I've decided that I don't care if I finish this 500+ page monster, especially given that this is only half of the overall story that just wouldn't fit in one paperback edition. The place I do feel a bit bad about this is in that Barker claims that this book is his magnum opus, written about Jesus and England. Of course, it was also published in the early 90s, so he may very well have moved on from there.The book still gets two stars, however, since the introduction is interesting. I always find it fascinating to hear authors talk about where their ideas come from, why they write what they do, and what they think about the work in question. And maybe that ultimately prejudiced me against the book (given how much I disagree with Mr. Barker), but that part was worth the read nonetheless.

3 stars - I liked it. I loved it. BUT, somethings annoyed, enough to drop the rating to 3. The writing is VERY long winded. Every sentence that is written is done painstakingly so. And I'm not exaggerating when I say every sentence. If I read "In the fullness of time" one more time... well, I will have lost some precious seconds, that could have been recovered by simply saying, "eventually", or "all the time". That's just one example that has stuck out to me as it's one that gets repeated a few times in the fullness of these pages. The descriptions are great, you just need to get through Barker's verbosity to enjoy them. And I have, and I did enjoy most all of whats on these pages, it just takes a long time to travel a little ways. Looking forward to part 2 of this, as I've begun to get used to the writing style, hopefully this second half will go by a bit quicker.

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El relato es realmente excepcional, de una originalidad extraordinaria, no repite ninguno de los tópicos del género. La evolución de los acontecimientos y los personajes son de una fluidez realmente fascinante, adentrando al lector en un entorno místico y sensual, con una carga emocional muy fuerte y una atmósfera poderosamente absorbente. Debo reconocer que hacia la mitad del libro, cuando se empieza a desentrañar el misterio, hay un cambio que me desconcertó un poco, ya que desde un entorno misterioso, sugerente y conocido, de pronto te ves arrojado a un universo que sólo habría podido desplegar la imaginación de Barker. Pero sólo son los reparos de cualquier lector, que como yo, sólo se había aproximado a fantasías comunes en este género.

I first read Imajica maybe a dozen years ago, and i remembered liking it a lot at the time, but you know, sometimes tastes change. However, i was in the mood for a huge freaky epic reading experience, so i thought i might give it a second whirl, and i'm SO glad i did. I'm enjoying it just as much this time around as i did the first time. Barker's imagination is vast and bizarre in all the best ways. And we need more mystifs here in the Fifth Dominion, or maybe we just need to love the ones we have with a little more kindness. Bring on Book 2!
—Rachel Pollock

So far this highly imaginative story is just good enough to keep me going onto book 2. The writing is intelligent and compelling and the storyline similarly well-crafted. The novel's greatest weakness, however, is the characters. They're inconsistent, irrational and at times nearly incomprehensible in their judgment and motives. It's hard to become too thoroughly invested in a story in which the characters are not relatable. They shallowly cooperate with or contradict one another when it is convenient for the plot rather than as a person of their personality might be expected to do. If weak, unconvincing characters is of no concern for you, then I recommend this novel wholeheartedly. Otherwise it may not be worth your time.

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